Friday, November 7, 2014

Follow Your Heart And Not Another Person's Mouth

Follow your heart
TGIF! I believed some of you might be chilling out somewhere with friends at the moment. For me, my usual Friday evening program is soccer game. Today, the game was cancelled due to the downpour, hence, I took the opportunity to come home earlier and do what I like most, blogging... ;-)

This afternoon, met one of my University classmate that I have never met since graduation (like very loooong time ago). He initiated the meeting via Facebook last week and of course I am more than happy to catch up with him (but deep inside my heart, I have mentally prepared that he might have some hidden agenda in mind).

True enough, after the makan and chit-chatting session, he started to share with me about a travelling club program that he is currently involved in (called World Ventures), one of those network marketing program whereby you earn some commission via recruiting new members and purchasing their products/services which is related to travelling (e.g. discounted travelling packages etc). 

I know myself well enough that this is not the kind of program that I will get myself into for any amount of extra stream of income. So, I gently rejected his invite for further session on the program (through our subsequent messages exchange). Don't get me wrong, personally, I am not against any of this kind of programs, just that it is not for me! 

Many a time, the promises might seems to be very tempting (same goes to shares investment, like the promise of super high dividend yield etc.), but we need to make decision by following our heart (and mind, hopefully) instead of the promises from another person's mouth (or written words).

Do you have such encountering before? Feel free to share your experience in the comment section.



  1. Hi Richard,

    Snake oil salesmen. There're a lot out there. Discipline in the face of temptation is key to success. :)

    1. S-Reit System Investor : very true! But then again some people are destined to be salesmen and hence some can still make it big ;-)

  2. I should have known no less.
    It hath been taught us from the primal state
    That he which is was wished until he were,
    And the ebbed man, ne’er loved till ne’er worth love,
    Comes deared by being lacked. This common body,
    Like to a vagabond flag upon the stream,
    Goes to and back, lackeying the varying tide
    To rot itself with motion.

    Long, long time ago there were merchants peddling their goods for sale
    to serve the needs and wants of those who can't produce on their own
    Fast forward to 21st century, merchants still exists in creative forms , packaging solution
    to sell their goods
    Isn't it the fickle minded buyers who serve the merchants, pushing their imagination to the
    wildest dream one can think of ?

    All you behold……though it appears without, it is within, In your imagination, of which this world of mortality is but a shadow

    1. Desmond : Thanks for dropping by and comment, and a cryptic one! lol

  3. this is a MLM, just be wary

    1. Esther : thanks for dropping by and yes, it is some variation of MLM or network marketing.. ;-)


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