Monday, November 24, 2014

Monday Blues? Focus On The Positive Stuffs

Time flies, Monday is already ending soon! For those who are suffering from Monday Blues, good news right since you've survived the day!? Personally, I don't have this issue as I treat every working days as equal, be it Monday or Friday ;-)
By nature, I like to focus on the good stuffs, instead of the not-so-good stuffs. Today, I've received two pieces of good news (to me at least) and I thought to share it out here to share my joy :
1. Been approached by a webmaster to place an advert banner on my blog (the site is related to personal finance so I believed some of the users might be interested to their content too). It is like being your own Google Adsense with the exception of liaising with the advertisers directly. Personally, I am an advert-friendly person i.e. I like to view advertisements (be it on TV or other media channels) as I find that there are so many inspirational ideas we can get from them. I don't know how far I will go for this online-advertisement thingy but I am quite happy with what I am doing so far.
2. Been invited by a local social network called to have a short bloggers gathering in Penang, Malaysia in mid-December. Accommodation will be provided so I will just need to find my way there. First time participating in such oversea gathering with the yet-to-know friends and am looking forward to it. Probably I will be the eldest among the group ;-)
What are the good stuffs that filled you with on this cooling Monday?


  1. Wow Richard that is two really good news for you. Im waiting for you to organize one here too. Kekeke just kidding.

    Do you mean you sre no longer working? How come you hv no monday blues?

    1. B : hahaha.. I am more than happy to organize one mini gathering for all the peer bloggers.. Or maybe a movie night (sorry, my movie buff self took control of me again). Would you be interested?

      I am still working full time ah! Dunno ler, maybe I like green better lol

    2. Yes, I don't mind a movie night and some chit chat.

      let's wait for a really good blockbuster. I am a big movie fan as well.

    3. B : Cool! What is the last movie you watched? Tried Big Hero 6? It is a nice animation...


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