Saturday, November 29, 2014

There Is Always Way To Save Some Money In Your Shopping

Saving on shopping
Today, accompanied two of my friends to the IT fair, SITEX (Expo). As usual, it is crowded. The reason being that there are plenty of special offers, freebies and promotional items on the displays. 

One particular booth selling Samsung giant TVs caught our eyes (and ears). They are promoting a crazy special offer within a "limited time" (really limited, only 10 seconds). The offer is 3 sets of 50" Samsung HD TV for $1,399. 

Can you guess any taker within the 10 seconds?   

The answer is.... YES! There was one (before we move on to the other booth).

So what is the morale of story? The morale of story is if you know how/where to find, you can always find way to save in your shopping. Ain't saving is part and parcel of personal finance management? Of course, the key here is that the stuff is something that you really need it and not impulsive buying. 

Talking about impulsive buying, I am guilty of that today as I just bought an heavily discounted jersey from my favorite team (read Manchester United) at Changi City Point ;-)

Season of giving (read X'mas) is around the corner, so you might want to open your eyes big big to spot some good offers/discounts for both offline and online (nowadays many of you folks are buying stuff online, which is usually much cheaper).



  1. Replies
    1. David : we did well last night we a comfortable win ;-)

  2. Hi Richard

    Thanks for shopping at Changi City Point, on behalf of fct. Lol

    1. B : Hahahaha. My pleasure... It is a win-win situation...

      I knew someone will come out with this, so it is you! lol

    2. B, I almost wanted to say the same thing! Lol

    3. S-Reit System Investor : you are more likely to be the one to comment, anyway lol

      Btw, thanks for dropping by and comment


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