Thursday, November 13, 2014

Time To Make Some One-For-One Savings With This App In 2015

The Entertainer
This morning, received an email from a friend working with the new media regarding an app that offers one-for-one deal, she is aware that I have a blog and hope I can write something about this cool app. Again, my answer is : WHY NOT?

The app is called The Entertainer. How it works is very simple, with an annual fee of $60 (which is $5 a month), you can enjoy enjoy By One Get One Free deals from 254 merchants in Singapore. The services/products ranging from fine dinning, cafes, nightspots, sports and leisure, spas as well as hotel accommodation.

Famous dinning places like Hard Rock Cafe, Brewerkz, Fat Cow and Ben & Jerrys are just some of their merchants and the list is still growing. I quite like their simple business model which is EVERYTHING One-For-One (For hotel accommodation, it will be Buy One Night Get One Night Free). 

I think this app will be suitable for those foodies or friends who like to "chiong" (chilling out) at the bars as well as those who like to go spas and travel. 

For more details about the complete list of the merchants and how it works, check out their official site here.



  1. Frankly the annual fee already makes me zzz liao leh :p

    1. Desmond : I guess there is no free lunch pa, but I thought the annual fee of $60 is quite palatable, thinking along the line of one fine dinning or hotel accommodation will cover the cost Liao ;-)

  2. $60 buy many ToTo. Can buy a Wonderful Dream. Last night $6m. One winner! Instant FF. LOL!

    1. Cw8888 : the problem is the odds in winning size-able toto prize is like 1 in a millions ;-) so need to wait long long.. Lol


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