Sunday, November 9, 2014

Weekend Reading - Show Me The Money

Show Me The Money Teh Hooi Ling
Let's face it, money is the ultimate objective for all investors to get involved in investments in the first place and probably the last place too. Whether you are talking about the real estates, commodity or stocks and even the savings in our bank accounts, we are talking about money here. Like one of the Chinese saying "钱不是万能。但没钱万万不能" (loosely translated as "Money is not everything but without money you are nothing").

Last Thursday, went to the National Library and one book title at the "New Books" rack caught my eyes, it read : "$how Me The Money - Sound Principles To Grow Your Wealth". Authored by a local well known ex-journalist and Head of Research and Executive Director of Aggregate Asset Management, Ms Teh Hooi Ling.  

Basically, the book is a collection of 45 articles that she has written for the past years in the Business Times, under the investment column called...yes, you should have guessed it...Show Me The Money. I like her style of writing which is very layman and easy to understand. Each article highlights one or few evergreen investment principles from Basic Concepts to Market Valuation to Psychology Of Investing etc.. I enjoyed every single article so far, it will be a great read especially for the beginners.

Oh! The other thing that caught my eyes about this book is on its Copyright date, it is indicated as 2015 (which is future date), does it means that the book will be copyrighted from 2015 and now we can do anything with it ;-) Any publisher friends here can throw some light why would the publisher indicate such future copyright date? 



  1. Yah , is good book written by her ,, I m now reading the vol 3 and 4 ,,, published in 2008 ,,, many good advise n facts !!!

    1. I am pretty new to her work but will continue to read her other books once I've done with this. ;-)

    2. You really newbie since you don't know her. LOL!

    3. CW8888 : I openly said I newbie Liao ah! Just started this year mah, more to learn from you all lor


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