Tuesday, December 23, 2014

After Thought From The Book I Bought From Popular Book Fest

How life works by andrew matthews
I like to read, especially the physical books. Usually, whenever I flipping through the newspaper, I will look out for warehouse book sales (like the MPH or Times books sales at Expo which were held a couple of times a year). Last week, I went to the Popular Book Fest at Suntec Convention Centre.

I only bought ONE book!

I guess one of the main reason is because I still have a huge collection of haven't-been-touched books nicely pile-up inside my bookshelf, waiting for their owner to pay them a visit soon. So, no point adding burden to the already mountainous pile of books ;-)

My after thought is not about the number of books I bought from the book fest, it is the type of book I've chosen. There are quite a number of investing/personal finance related books on sale (20 to 25%) but I've chosen a self-improvement book, "How Life Works", by Andrew Matthews. 

I think it speaks volume about me (or at least this is how I view myself)! I know, inside me, I am still putting more emphasis on personal development/self enrichment over wealth creation. Of course, you might say that they are not mutually exclusive i.e I can have both. Yes, you are right, that's the reason why I am looking into investment at the later stage of my life. 

Having said that, I need to constantly remind myself to strike balance between achieving wealth/money and happiness (the latter can be achieved even we are not wealthy). Ultimately, even though we can achieve financial freedom with millions (or even billions) but we are not happy (or just keep thinking about gaining more millions/billions), what is the point? 

Maybe I am thinking too much, but that's what flowing through my mind now and hence just like to share it out openly.


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