Thursday, December 18, 2014

Bloggers Meet-Up At Penang - The Sun, The Beach And The Heritage : Syok Hostel (Part 2 or 3)

Syok HostelAs per my earlier post (click here to view), this is the part 2 of the 3-parters of my recent bloggers meet-up At Penang, Malaysia. Courtesy of and its partner, Pan Island Holidays, we managed to experience two diverse experience in our accommodation. One is the budgeted hostel (Syok Hostel) and the other is the more indulgence boutique hotel, Hotel Penaga. I am pleasantly surprise with both stays.

In this post, I will be focusing on Syok Hostel

Perfectly located at the busy junction of the Chulia Street (George Town), Syok Hostel is a small 2-story hostel. Murals/Street Arts and makan paradise are within walking distance from the hostel. The other uniqueness of Syok Hostel is its cleanliness and artful touch on its furnishing and decoration. 

Prior to this, I have no experience in staying in a hostel. However, Syok Hostel given me an unique but pleasant experience which I will never be able to enjoy if I were to stay in the normal hotel. Of course, since it is an hostel concept, following concepts are expected:

1. Shared Washroom

2. No lift, hence need to take the stairs all the time (luckily it is only 2 floors)

3. The choice of shared dorms (can choose mixed or female dorms) or double room. 

Having said that, I am enjoying the following cool features though :
1. FREE wifi
2. FREE self-service breakfast (remember, it is no frills, so don't expect too much of the variety)

On the last day of our stay, during our check-out, I overheard an ang moh (probably from Australia) said loudly to the counter staff while walking down the stairs : "My first impression is GOOD.....and my second impression...(long pause) EVEN BETTER!". I think he just sum up my view too.  

All in all, if you are travelling on budget/backpacking and don't mind giving yourself a chance to experience the hostel concept, Syok Hostel is definitely one of my recommended stay.

Do you have any good/bad experience in staying in commercial hostel before?   



  1. Hi Richard,

    It looks like a great hostel! Hotels provide more luxury and privacy, but the hostel experience is a unique one!

    I used to stay in hostels when I was backpacking and I really enjoyed it! Compared to hotels, the atmosphere is more down-to-earth and friendly. It is a good place to chat with fellow travellers and suss out tourist-traps and must-sees! Sometimes you might even hit it off with another traveller and have a new friend to explore the city with!

    I would recommend to solo or small group travellers looking for a more exciting, unusual and wallet-friendly style of travelling to give hostels a chance :)

    1. GMGH : Very true! It's my first time ever and I like the experience. The more casual setting of the hostel will make us feel more relax (or should I said : more at home)! lol


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