Saturday, December 20, 2014

Bloggers Meet-Up At Penang - The Sun, The Beach And The Heritage : Hotel Penaga (Part 3 or 3)

Hotel Penaga
This will be the last part of the recount of my recent bloggers meet-up experience in Penang, Malaysia. If this is the first time to are reading this series, you may want to check out Part 1 (on the overall trip experience) and Part 2 (on my hostel stay at Syok Hostel). 

Today, I will be focusing on my experience at the heritage boutique hotel called Hotel Penaga. It is located at the heart of Georgetown (in fact, just walking distance from Syok Hostel).The hotel was converted from a cluster of 15 pre-war terraces and shop-houses into a 45 rooms boutique hotel. Of course, with its exclusive ambiance and the full fledged of hotel services, the room rates are on the higher side (from RM500+ onward). 

I was lucky to have the chance to stay in the Hutton Suite which has two separate room (with their own toilet and mine is with full size bath tub). Check out some of the photos below :
Hotel Penaga
Hotel Penaga - from the outside
Hotel Penaga - The lobby
Hotel Penaga - surrounding of the hotel
My room ;-)
The personal bathroom 1
The TV console at the living room
The personal bathroom 2
I especially like the mini-garden concept whereby there is a pathway to go to the Tanamera Spa (the place to pamper ourselves) and terrace houses. Check out some of the photos below :
One of the bedroom at the Terrace House Room
If you ask me, my only "disappointment" with the hotel is their busy spa as I intended to go for the foot massage but it was over-booked and hence got to turn down my business ;-) Anyway, if I have chance to go Penang and stay in the Hotel Penaga again, I sure must try their Tanamera massage.

Hope you folks enjoy my sharing, if you are going to Penang soon and need some advice on the food, places to visit etc, do drop me an email at


P/S: I've just received an email from the local partner of that they are looking into creating some exclusive promotional package(s) for the readers of the bloggers attended the event, I will keep you folks updated once it is finalised. Stay tuned!  


  1. nice....I just came back from Penang too.... : )

  2. David : how is your trip in Penang? Except the weather, which is pretty hot, I have a great time there ;-)


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