Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Is Ending, New Year Is Coming, Let's Plot Our Journey Now!

At the time of my writing, Christmas 2014 is coming to an end and what's next is the upcoming New Year celebration. After which, it will be a brand new year of 2015 ready for all of us to plan and plot our journey. 

Next year marks the second year of my investing journey (see here for my first year recap) and I planned to get more active in building up my portfolio (this year is trial period, this year will be for real).. 

As I keep emphasizing in my earlier posts or comments, money (which is the main objective for us investing in stocks or any other investment vehicles) should not be the ONLY thing we should focus on. Trust me, there are other more important element in life that we need to pay equal attention i.e. our health, relationship with our love ones, including family and friends as well as our inner well being. I am a true believer that happiness comes from within i.e. money cannot buy us happiness, it can only buy us enjoyment (which is usually temporary). 

So, for the year 2015 and beyond, besides the investing journey (to at least double my portfolio size by mid-year. As my portfolio size is rather small, this is not that hard to achieve), I will be putting equal emphasis on the following regime :

1. Health:
a. Continue my weekly soccer games and occasional ping pong sessions
b. Cut down on fast food to maximum once a month

2. Bonding With Families/Friends: 
a. Made an attempt to consciously cut down the use of gadget (iPhone/iPad) when gathering with families/friends (I think many of us are guilty of this in this gadget-addicting world)
b. Will initiate the gathering with friends more often (instead of being the reactive one). With this, I hope to meet up with more liked-minded peer bloggers too.

3. Charitable Causes:
a. Will continue to participate in the charitable causes like Hair For Hope, Blood Donation Drive etc..

4. Inner Well being :
a. Continue to maintain my positive energy/vibes and hope to influence as many peers as possible to always look thing from the positive angle.
b. Continue to read interesting self-enrichment books. 

These are just some high level plot of my upcoming journey and looking forward to the exciting new years ahead of us!


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  1. Replies
    1. Cw8888 : you really know me well! Movies is in my blood so no need to plot, it comes automatically one ;-p

  2. socializing and bonding seem so easy for you
    you are like a livewire
    must learn more from you

    1. Money Honey : Thanks for the kind words!

      Let's learn from each other and keep better ourselves ;-)

  3. Hi Richard

    It is encouraging to see that as part of the Singapore finance blogging committee, at the end of the day we are all working hard to improve ourselves and look for happiness. Keep going and I hope you achieve your wishes for 2015!

    1. Hi RetailTrader : Thanks for dropping by and comment. yes, we all need to improve ourselves, otherwise, the world is changing and we will be left far behind in no time.

      All the best to you in 2015 and beyond too!



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