Sunday, December 14, 2014

I Am Back! More Sharing Of My Blogger Meet-up Sharing Soon

Finally, touched down Singapore last evening from my short bloggers meet-up session in Penang, Malaysia (courtesy of I totally enjoyed the experience and did quite a numbers of memorable and first-in-my-lifetime kind of stuff during these short few days. I hope to be able to attend more of such event/gathering (locally in Singapore or overseas) to meet new friends and share with you folks of my experience. 

As a sneak preview, these are the bunch of bloggers/friends that I've met during the meet-up session and it is always fun and enriching to meet new friends :
migup penang bloggers group photo
For those who haven't met me before, can guess which one is me? ;-)
There are so much to share about Penang (the food trail, the heritage sites, the tourist attraction etc..), I will be sharing my experiences in subsequent posts (I don't think one post can cover all). So, stay tuned!

During my absence, are there any big market news that I've missed? Except the record low oil-price and the record high exchange rate between Singapore Dollar and Malaysia Ringgit?  



  1. Welcome back.. Must have gained a few kg lol!

    1. LP : yes, you are right, Penang is such a food heaven which gaining kgs doesn't seems as sinful lol


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