Friday, December 19, 2014

Recap of My First Year In Investing And What's Next From 2015 Onwards

Stock investmentTime speeding through us really fast, we are almost at the end of 2014. Really looking forward to 2015 and beyond, meanwhile, just like to do a small recap of my maiden stock investing year.
Being a really late starter and small retail investor, my first year in stock investment is a cautious one. From the two closed sales, managed to gain a small profit while still holding on to three stocks, at the moment, it is an unrealised loss (if you are interested to know which stocks are they, click here for more details).
Throughout my first 9 months venture, I learnt quite an extensive knowledge of stock investment especially from the Value Investing perspective (most of them are through reading, online and offline as well as attending some personal finance workshops/seminars). Also, managed to meet a number of liked-minded local personal finance bloggers, face to face, which is a fruitful and cool experience.
Going forward (from 2015), on top of the accumulating my stock portfolio. With the upcoming reduction of lot size to 100 per lot from 19th January 2015, my option should be wider! ;-) On top of that, I will be rigorously looking into REITS investment (off hand, I have two REITS in my watch list, which is Lippo Mall Trust [D5IU] and SPH Trust [SK6U]). Also, I plan to start my Dollar-Cost-Averaging portfolio with Phillip Securities' Share Builders Plan (SBP) from 2015 onwards.

That's it from me! I foresee that next year will be a more active year for me in my investing journey, I hope you folks have a wonderful stock investing years ahead of you too!



  1. Hi Richard,

    I like how you are able to link everyday observations with investing. Enjoyed reading your blog.

    May 2015 be a fruitful year of investments for you!

    1. Hi SRSI : thanks for your kind words. I followed your blog regularly too to learn more about the REITS, you have a very good coverage on this instrument, keep the good stuff coming


  2. Actually, it is not too bad to start off your investing journey with 1st year with small losses; you will tend to learn more and be realistic about investment return.

  3. Cw8888 : I know what you meant.. But I will still take one small step at a time, no worry hehe

  4. Hi Richard

    It's been a pleasure first year exchanging links and thoughts with you.

    Not a bad idea to start off investing journey with a loss but I still prefer a profit lah, just dont make my head too big to fail :D

    1. B : ya, nice meeting up peers like you too. We should arrange more gathering next time ;-)

  5. Hi Richard,

    You are so disciplined and patient. Many people rushed headlong when they started, including myself.


    1. PIF : maybe I am too curious and still never go all out yet.. Hopefully next year I will be more qiong-ing ;-)

  6. Hi Richard,

    Congrats on your one year journey. It's good to package/balance investing with blogging to crystallize your thoughts.

    I tend to agree that it's not always bad to start off with a loss to manage expectation.

    I Just read/wrote an article from Prof Nassim "Failure is not an option. It's a must!"


    1. Rolf ; yes, I do agree too as we definitely learn more from failure than successes!

      Thanks for sharing your post and will check it out later..


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