Saturday, January 31, 2015

Cash Is Still King - As Per The Recent Survey By Manulife

Cash is still king in 2015 - at least as per the recent survey done by Manulife on 500 people polled online. 

As per the image on the left, 25 percent will "invest" in cash more than any other assets. While stocks/equities came in second (with 21 percent).

What I don't quite understand from the result is this : 25 percent of people pooled viewed that stocks/equities will be the top performer in 2015. However, only 21 percent of them willing to invest in this asset more? Is it because they are more risk-averse this year or they themselves is not very confidence with their view in the first place? ;-)

Two other interesting side result of the survey are :

1. On average, cash constituted 36 percent of their total asset allocation.

2. Cash holding of local investors are equivalent to 46 months of income (significantly higher than the average of 24 months across the whole of Asia). 

Personally, I will invest more in stocks/equities as well as Reits from 2015 onward but because I am a real small retail investor at the moment, "more" is kind of subjective term. 

What about you? Will you be keeping more cash or investing more in stocks in 2015?



  1. Got Bear coming?

    For many retail investors, their cash dried up before Bear runs down. Ask those in 2009 why they were not buying?

    1. Cw88888 : I think you know better whether there is bear or bull coming... And I know u got GAO GAO warchest lol

  2. Hi Richard,

    The survey reflects exactly what most of us bloggers are doing too. A few of us have already blogged about our assets and cash takes up a large portion of it. I believe everyone is still waiting for something to happen especially those who are eyeing a property.

    1. Derek : ya, I saw quite a number of colorful portfolio pie charts (including yours) ;-)

  3. As the saying goes, "cash is a position"?

  4. Hi Richard,

    It's also interesting to see that while 3% of pple expect etf to be top performer, 9% actually invested in them. I think the mood is cautious and not exuberant. This means that we have a long way to go before a real bear comes. With so much cash out there, we'll be forming the support, so how can it go down?

    Particularly, invest in sti components. Since a lot of pple are into etf, and etf invests in sti components, there is a lot of trickle down effects on these blue chips ;)

    1. LP : that's is true also (regarding ETF investment)!


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