Thursday, January 29, 2015

Finally, My Turn To Be Interviewed!

If you are a frequent visitor to my blog, you might noticed that I have an "Interview With Peer Bloggers" blog series and my last interviewee is a youngster called Kendrick, owner of A Peek Into An Oddball Teen's Mind (his interview post can be found here).

Today, it is my turn to be him...not in my own blog of course! ;-)

Kendrick just started his interview blog series and I am honored to be his first "target". As his blog title implied, his style is destined to be wacky, funny and oddball. So, lots of Singlish and dialect to be expected in his posts. 

I've met him twice over the meal and I must say that he really started his entrepreneur/investing journey at a very young age and full of energy and ideas to chiong big time....I do foresee that he has a bright future.

Now, check out my interview post in his blog here (P/S : You will see a shockingly funny photo of me at his post.. so enter at your own risk ;-)). If you have any further questions/queries about my story/journey so far, you can either comment at his post or here. 



  1. Great interview! I love that pic la!

    1. PIB : hahaha.. Looking forward to more of your post from Down Under, since you seems to have lots of free time there ;-)


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