Wednesday, January 28, 2015

I Fall For Three Out Of These Five Investing Myths

Last week, pop-by the National Library during one of the lunchtime period and managed to loan one of the investing book titled "Taking Charge With Value Investing" (by Brian Nichols, 2013 edition). The reason why I pick-up the book at random is because of its cover, showcasing a fierce looking half-face bull (don't ask me why I find it appealing as I also can't explain why ;-))

I am still half way through the book, so far, I find it quite a good and easy read, especially from value investing perspective. In the early chapter of the book, Brian shared 5 common investing myths that I personally can attest to, at least 3 of them. I find them interesting and relevant and hence like to share it in my blog here.

I am sure there are more myths than the five that I am going to relate from the book, but at least these are the common few.

Here are the five investing myths commonly told by the nay-Sayers :

1. People who invest are RICH

2. Investing is too COMPLEX

3. I CAN'T do it myself

4. I must take RISKS to be successful

5. I don't have the TIME

All of them are self-explanatory and hence no further explanation required. Sound familiar to you?

Personally, I used to fall for myths #1, #2 and #4. What about you? Have you ever (or are still) fall for any of the above mention investing myths?



  1. Fortunately for me I have not fallen for any of them. I love investing, and I love finding new ways to make money doing it. I remember back when I started, thinking in terms of just buy and hold. Gosh, there is so much more than can be done, and much more money to be made doing other things besides just buy and hold. I wish more people took the time to learn, and think most people DO fall for these five myths. I hear it in conversations all the time.

    1. Jim : Good to hear that... Looks like much to learn from terms of investing.



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