Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Let The Cash Flow To Create A Good Cashflow

No, I am not about to talk about the Cashflow board game from Robert Kiyosaki. This blog title was inspired by the giant cover sheet of the Financial Times (gotten it free at the counter of my company today). It is an advertisement from Visa in promoting their new business solution in helping the businesses in collecting payment. It reads "MAKE CASH FLOW".
I think there are more than one way to interpret this slogan. But before that, let's be mindful that cashflow consists of inflow as well as outflow. It can be interpreted as :
"Make CASH flow (as fast/smooth as possible)"


"Make CASHFLOW (the efficient and effective way)"

Either way, I do believe that we need to maintain a fluid cash flow (both inflow or outflow) to ensure that there are regular financial exchanges so as to move ahead financially. Of course, with the aim to accumulate more assets than liability along the way ;-P


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