Monday, January 26, 2015

There Are More Ways To Invest Your Money

Today, met up with two entrepreneur friends (one local and one from Malaysia) for lunch at Raffles City. We get to know each other from a recent bloggers meet-up session in Penang (click here , here and here to see my previous posts).

Stock investment is one of the topic in our discussion, the counterpart from Malaysia (she is a lady) shared that she has loss quite a big sum of money in stock previous and hence would not touch the forbidden vehicle again. Whereas the local one is clueless about stock investment at all and seems to switch-off when we are at this topic. 

So, they invested their money and time in their own start-ups. Both of them have their respective online businesses (no, not those affiliate marketing or MLM type of businesses but proper businesses dealing with apps development and marketing stuff). Of course, the key is not about their money or businesses, it is how we invest our money? 

There are more than one way to INVEST (our money), we need to follow our heart and determine which way(s) closer to our heart. Of course, we can always invest in our business as well as stocks at the same time as they are not mutually exclusive. In fact, many of the seasoned investors are doing this to create multiple streams of income.  

The key here is : There are more ways to invest your money... 

Are you entrepreneur-cum-investor yourself? How do you juggle the roles? 



  1. Oh, so true. I invest in many different ways, from the stock market, to stock market options, to real estate among other vehicles. You win some and you lose some. Just the name of the game, so it's not really for the faint of heart. At the same time I am firmly convinced that it is the only way to really get ahead in this world. Be it investing in companies that already exist, or investing in companies we start ourselves...those who put money out to reap rewards generally ultimately do indeed reap rewards. Those who do not have to work very hard for every penny they make.

    1. Jim Bauer : Cool! Looks like you are a seasoned investor. Just curious, are you having your own start-up or business at the moment? How do you juggle between them?

  2. Many ways to make money.. Just a matter of whether we are lucky to find our own niche

    1. Retail Trader : True. At times, luck also play an important part ;-)

  3. Uncle Rich! Bojio ! kekeke , for me i juggle multiple roles , retail investor , retail part-time trader , business person , , full time student, it's mostly about balance and for prioritizing what you put first.

    Well that is my two cents lar


    1. Ken aka Ah Boy : That's the beauty of youth... can multi-taks efficiently and still have time to feel bored... older uncle (like me) cannot multi-tasks that well...;-)


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