Monday, February 16, 2015

Interview With Jimmy Of My Creative Invest

Woohoo! Finally gotten my 23rd interviewee for the "Interview With Peer Investors" series. With an average of 2 interviews per month (phew, time flies, my blog already existed for almost 11 months now), I really wanted to thank all the participants (some already become friends) in agreeing to join me for the fun. I truly believed that it is a win-win proposition.
My next interviewee is Jimmy of My Creative Invest. He is a few years my junior but definitely has more investing experience than me. Without further ado, let's take a look at Jimmy's investing journey thus far.  


Q1 : Can you give us a brief introduction about yourself?
Q1 : At this time of writing (Feb 2015), I am a 42 years old male, married with 2 beautiful daughters.

Q2 : Are you a full-time or part-time investor at the moment?
A2 : part-time investor or a hobby to me. Kinda like investment and earning money heehee

Q3 : When (at what age) did you start investing in shares and who has influenced you the most?
A3 : I am not new to investing. In fact I have been investing throughout my life. My mum introduced stock investing to me. She still do stock investing sometimes buying at ridiculous time during bear market and penny stocks. Sometimes I would give her my puzzled look with her buy calls haha. But overall she did better than me, collecting dividends and win some tikams. I first started mine when I was doing my NS dabbling with IPOs and buying stocks etc. Now I still do.

Q4 : Do you view yourself as long-term (holding shares in years), short-term investor (holding shares in days/months) or mixture?
A4 : I used to be a short-term investor banking in capital appreciation of stocks. Now I hoped to be a long term dividend investor

Q5 : What is your basis of selecting the shares to invest (e.g. basing on fundamental analysis, technical analysis or other methods/sources [share a little bit more details if it is the latter])?
A5 : I select my stocks based on high dividend yield, low PE, low PBR, low debt and high ROE. But sometimes its really difficult to find a stock which satisfied all my criteria. So will have to close one-eye on some of the criteria. Basically going for high dividend stock 6% and above.

Q6 : What is your targeted and achieved annual rate of returns (%) so far?
A6 : 6% and above

Q7 : What is your most recommended online investing resource (site or blog) to share with our readers?
A7 : These are some of most active and wise bloggers who never fail to entertain me and give me investment ideas :) - a investor living a frugal life - a young daddy with an impressive portfolio - a young man with a good start - a uncle who achieved financial freedom with his cheeky and sometimes very chim posts eg pillow concept, freehold stocks etc - a very detailed and thoughtful investor - a investor named Richard :) - a very detailed and REIT focused investor - a modern dividend farmer - a rich lady investor - our joker and outspoken Jared - a investor - a dog lover cum investor, describe stocks as dogs and puppies ... kidding and many more others

Q8 : Besides shares, what other investment are you involved in (e.g. Real Estates, Bonds or REITs etc)?
A8 : I have Asian bond unit trust, a rental property and a fully top-up CPF SA account to take advantage of the almost risk free 4% interest rate

Q9 : What is your current Shares Investment portfolio size ?
A9 : Now my portfolio is still at the growing stage. I have 12 stocks and hope to collect upto 30 or 40 high dividend stocks

Q10 : If the readers what to get in touch with you, how to get hold of you? (Sharing of your website/blog/social media profile etc..)
A10 : Visit me @ or like me at

Last but not least, if you are a retail investor and would like to be featured in my "Interview With The Fellow Investors" blog series, please feel free to email me at

Also, for the complete list of my interviewees and their posts, check it out here.


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