Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Is Your Investing Journey As Exciting As The Kingsmen - Secret Service (movie)?

Yesterday, finally got the chance to watch the long-awaited spy movie, Kingsmen - Secret Service. Directed by Matthew Vaughn (whom last brought us X-men : First Class in 2011) and starring Colin Firth, Taron Egerton and Samuel L. Jackson. It has all the right ingredients and perfect delivery for a spy movie (think along the line of James Bond but funnier). Intelligent plot, suave and nicely choreographed fighting sequence, explosions and funny punchlines, you have it all. Of course, sterling performance from the main characters (especially Colin Firth) cannot be discounted.
To me, it is one of the most entertaining (and full of surprises) spy movie that I've watched in the recent years. I totally immersed myself in that 2 hours plus movie experience. I heard the sequel is already in the pipeline ;-) 
Some of the good stuff that I like about Kingsmen - Secret Service :
1. Clever plot with ample unexpected twists
2. Bold in its delivery, two key scenes worth mentioning are a. crazy massacre in the church b. mass heads explosion in atomic bomb style (coupled with the beautiful symphony music at the background) is quite fun to watch.
3. The spy gadgets (even though we have seen many of them in the James Bond movies but some of the spy gadgets here is cooler as it allows you to control how lethal you want it to be e.g. stun gun vs real gun effect, cool right?)   
Don't worry, I am not having an identity crisis yet and I still remember this is a personal finance blog (and not a movie review blog) ;-). Just can't stop myself in relating good movie to investing.
Let's get back to the title of this post "Is your investing journey as exciting as the Kingsmen - Secret Service?", maybe I should answer this question myself first : with my not-so-deep investing experience, I would say that my journey so far is anything but exciting. Probably the only moment that I felt most excited was when I received the first dividend cheque in my mailbox. It could be due to the meagre size of my portfolio and/or low in action so far, but I am generally happy with my investment journey thus far. What about you?
Come and think of it, excitement might not be the correct sentiment that we want to get out from investment journey ;-)
Have you watched Kingsmen - Secret Service? If yes, what is your view? If no, maybe you should take sometime off from your work or investment schedule and give it a shot. Need more convincing? Check out the trailer below:

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