Sunday, February 22, 2015

Weekend Sharing : Recap Of My blog after 11 months

Today is the 4th day of Chinese New Year (Year Of Goat) and am back to Singapore to get ready for work tomorrow. Hope my readers have a great CNY celebration thus far, if no, fret not, you still have 11 more days to catch-up ;-)

During the 3 days short trip back to my hometown, besides enjoying the reunion steamboat with the siblings and relatives, giving out Ang Pao, the additional pleasant surprise is to accidentally meet with some old secondary school-mates (pun intended) that never been in contact for more than 20 years. Luckily, my appearance didn't change as much (or so I think), as one of my old schoolmate still can recognize me and shouted my full-name from across the table at the Starbucks. When we are getting older with memory starting to get fading away, it is important to get rekindle with our past and relive the fond memories once more.    

Talking about the past, before I've forgotten, maybe it is a good idea to recap how did my blog do after its 11 months of existence (11 months and 3 days to be exact). 

1. Have written 537 posts (including this one) i.e. about 48 blog posts per month (including "2-minutes news" blog series).

2. Attracted 156,402 pageviews as at today (including my own views, it works out to be around 14,200 pageviews per month).

3. Attracted a total of 1,126 comments (it works out to be around 2 comments per post, including my response).

4. Interviewed 23 peer retail investors via my "Interview With Fellow Investors" Blog Series. For details of the interviews, click here.

5. Incorporated a few ads and affiliate links/posts in my blog. On average, the earning so far is about $100 per month, check out this post for the breakdown of my earning.

6. 24 subscribers to my mailing list (if you are interested to receive my daily posts in your inbox, just fill-up your email account on the top-right panel. 

Basing on the above-mentioned progress, I am looking at the following targets in 2015 :

1. To cross 1,000 Posts
2. To attract 500,000 Pageviews (this is a bit of a stretched target, will see how it goes)
3. To interview more than 30 retail investors (it is getting harder to get new investors to join in the fun but will continue to try/poke).
4. Earning from my blog (to maintain the $100 per months average in 2015)
6. To cross 100 subscribers 

How do you do in your blogging journey? 



  1. Congrats Richard! That's very impressive progress you are making. It's been some time since I caught up with secondary school friends as well man. It's good to catch up

    1. Retail Trader : thanks! Ya man, it's kind of weird at the beginning as I cannot recall many of them until more sharing of "those days"! Lol

  2. Hi Richard

    That's an impressive stats out there for your maidrn 11 months journey. Will look forward to seeing more posts from you.

    1. B : thanks for the encouragement.. Same here, looking forward to your sharing too...

  3. Hi Richard,
    Very nice ! Looking forward to more sharings :). Looking forward to celebrate your 1/2 million page views in the coming months.

    1. Financial Freedom : thanks for the encouragement, same goes to u on ur next milestone too!


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