Tuesday, February 17, 2015

What Would Be Your Formation Of Your Financial Vehicles Team (In Soccer Sense)?

Being a fan of the world's most beautiful sports aka Soccer, watching the game (especially when my favourite team is playing) can really boost my heart pressure quite a fair bit. For those who like the game will know what I am talking about ;-)
As my favourite team went through to the sixth round of FA Cup early this morning, just like to attribute this post to them. You see, soccer is a game of teamwork, the manager need to ensure a balanced team in all positions (strikers, midfielders and defenders). Of course, formation of the team is also an important consideration in the game plan. 
In this post, I intend to stretch my imagination quite a bit here. The thought I had in mind is : what if our personal financial journey consists of a group of financial vehicles which mimicking the players of a soccer team and you are the manager? Let's called it Financial Vehicles United (FVU) and each of the player/position represents a type of financial vehicle that you are currently holding, what would be your formation/game plan like that brought you to your current financial status?
In case you are still clueless about the game, each soccer team has 11 players (assuming no one was red-carded) on the field and they could be playing on any of the following position :
A. The Soccer Positions :
Goal Keeper (Number : 1) - Your last line of defence.
Defenders (Number : usually 3 or 4) - Your line of defence against the opponent's attack.
Midfielders (Number : usually 3 or 4) - Your versatile players that bridging the defenders and strikers. 
Strikers (Number : ranging from 1 to 3) - Your attacking force. Usually the players who score the goals     
B. The Financial Vehicles Equivalent:
Example of vehicles that I am talking about are :
1. Savings (including fixed deposits)
2. Emergency Fund
3. Job (full-time, part-time or freelance)
4. Property (for staying)
5. Property (for investment)
6. Stocks/Equities (including ETFs and REITs)
7. Unit Trusts
8. Bonds
9. Commodities
10. Forex Investment
11. Business (online or offline)
12. Insurance (Health)
13. Insurance (Life/Investment-linked)
So what do I meant by mimicking the players/position as your financial vehicles? Depending on whether you are an aggressive or conservative "manager", your formation varied.
For example, following are my current fictitious formation :
Emergency Fund 
Property (For Staying)
Insurance (Health)
Insurance (Life/Investment-linked)

My Game Plan Sheet :
My current game plan (personal financial journey) is quite defensive in nature. As you can see, I need some reinforcement in the "midfielders" and "strikers" departments. Am looking into more variety of stocks and possibly businesses (online) to strengthen my strikers/midfielders position.
What is your game plan?
This is just my "thinking out loud" post, so it might or might not make sense to you... just read it with a pinch of salt! lol 


  1. What if I'm a manager who likes to play strikers like Rooney as midfielders? ;)

    1. Retail Trader : That makes you a potential Louis van Gaal fan ;-)

  2. Hahaha Richard, can loan players to become your striker?

    I can loan you my Vicom at an interest :)

    1. B : hahahaha...hmmmm... Vicom like passed its prime liao wor! lol

  3. Your striker is young talent (ipo) of old veteran?


  4. Jfree : I would say they are mostly seasoned players ;-p

  5. Time for ah boy to do one in food form? kekeke , would be rather interesting eh?

    1. Ken : Is your food form done yet? Or still cooking? lol


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