Friday, March 13, 2015

Investing Also Need To "Have Courage ; Be Kind"

Yesterday, went to watch the newly released fairy-tale movie adaptation, Cinderalla with my wife, I am quite happy with what I've seen and I must that it is one of the best live action fairy tale movie adaptation that I've seen in the recent years.

It is a big budget blockbuster feel good movie, besides sticking true to the storyline, I am especially impressed with the level of detail in the props, costumes, castles and even the animals. Of course, many of them might be just special effect but you still can feel the magnificent level of greatness in the small details.
The other area that caught my eye that inspired me to write this post here (bearing in mind this is not a movie blog) is about the message of the movie. It is a piece of wisdom shared by the dying mother of Ella (Cinderella's real name) : Have Courage, Be Kind!
It is a powerful wisdom that applicable to life in general, but today i am going to share why this wisdom is also very critical when comes to stock investing.
Here are my take :
We need to "Have Courage" to...
  • Withstand the volatility of the market (especially to hang on when the market crashed) ;
  • Sell at a loss ;
  • Go against the tide (from the point of view of contrarian investing) ;
We need to "Be Kind" to...
  • Share/impart our knowledge/know how that can benefit more people ;
  • be charitable..I can sense that regular donation are common practice among some of the kind retail investors/bloggers here ;
  • be good with each other so as to create a warm and healthy personal finance community (online or offline) ; [Note : So, if you happen to see me outside, along the road or mall, remember to say HI to me ya ;-)] 
Even though you are not into fairy tale, or for that matter, magic from fairy god mother, you should still HAVE COURAGE and BE KIND !   

If you are interested to see more about the movie, click on the image below for their latest trailer :
Click to watch the trailer of this up coming fairy tale blockbuster


  1. Hi Richard,

    I'll try to catch it :) I see it a bit differently. We should have the courage to make mistakes, and also be kind to ourselves ;)


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