Thursday, March 5, 2015

Lippo Malls Indonesia Trust - Digging Further Into Its 5 Years History

Lippo Malls Indonesia Trust
For those who are regular visitors to my blog will know that I am interested to add REITS into my investment portfolio from this year onward. Since I am a late starter, I might have passed the prime time to invest in REITS but my motto is, later is better than never ;-)

One particular Retail Trust I am currently monitoring is Lippo Malls Indonesia Trust (D5IU.SI), I've since blogged about it earlier on my assessment of its CNAV (Conservative Net Asset Value), click here to read. Lippo is last traded at $0.35 and my targeted Entry Price is $0.33 and I can wait.

Meanwhile, I decided to dig further into it's 10 key indicators over the 5 years period (from 2010 to 2014), with the special focus on its Dividend Yield (%) and Distribution Per Unit ($)

Following are what I've got :

A. Lippo Malls Indonesia Trust - 10 Key Indicators:

B. Lippo Malls Indonesia Trust - Dividend Yield ($) And Distribution Per Unit ($):

C. Lippo Malls Indonesia Trust - Stock Price VS Net Asset Value:

With its consistent Dividend Yield of more than 6% over the past 5 years, stable NPI (Net Property Income) and DPU (Distribution Per Unit) as well as conservative Gearing Ratio, I maintained that it will be my first REITS counter if it reached my entry price of $0.33.     

Lippo Malls Indonesia Trust was last traded at $0.35 (today), which is a 16.6% discount from its Net Asset Value of $.042.

Are you vested in this counter? Any additional input/comment to share? 


P/S : Lippo is paying quarterly dividends in March, May, August and November/December. 


  1. Lippo Malls started as Lippo Mapletree Indonesia Retail Trust with IPO of 80 cents

    1. Thanks for dropping by and provide the additional info

  2. Hi Richard,

    Hmm.. Really? I read so many bad things about this, mostly about their bad management and how their hedge their income. Invest with care.

    1. LP : thanks for the caution.. Do u happen to have any links about such insider news that I can read further? ;-)

    2. Hi Richard,

      It's not insider's just analysis by different bloggers, like B and Sillyinvestor. Value buddies also have a thread on it :

      I'm not sure if it's still true now. Most of it is for LMIR, not LMIT. Is it materially the same? I'm not sure, but if you want to invest, you should find out.

  3. Replies
    1. Lazy Cat : yup! FX risk is always there for foreign REITS! You are spot on

  4. Hi Richard,

    I agree with LP. Besides your graph shows that the DPU is dropping.

    But I am not an expert on REITs so take my comment with a pinch of salt.


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