Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Maybank Kim Eng's Monthly Investment Plan and Its SG Counters

Maybank Kim Eng Monthly Investment Plan
Two days ago, I blogged about a comparison of the Regular Stock Investment Plans available in Singapore, for those who wanted to take advantage of the Dollar-Cost-Averaging Investment, you may want to check out my earlier post HERE

 have also briefly touched on the new kid on the block aka Maybank Kim Eng's Monthly Investment Plan (MIP) and their current promotion (till End August 2015, with zero $ commission). 

I am particularly interested with their offer and have since proceeded to create a trading account online (partly also inspired by LP of Bully The Bear to create as a back-up account, just in case). Once my trading account is done, I intend to start my MIP with them from the month of April or May 2015. 

Out of the 225 counters from 5 markets, I am especially interested with their 45 Singapore counters (at least for the start). Following are what I've gotten from my filtering: 

Page 1 - Alphabetical order by Counter Name
Page 2 - Alphabetical order by Counter Name
As you can see, there are only 3 categories of the counters i.e. REITS, Blue Chips or ETFs. With such strong and diversified counters, there is no issue in counter selection especially for those who aim for Dividend/Income Investment. 

If you noticed, I have highlighted item #23. This is because Lippo Malls is in my REITS watch list for quite sometime, if there isn't any subsequent surprise development, I will choose it as the maiden counter for my MIP ;-) 

In order not to face with too many odd lots situation at a later date, I am looking at either one or two counters for my MIP only. 



  1. so u gonna purchase all these counters ?

    1. Felix : Hahaha, of course no lar, I am looking at only 1 or 2 counters (main focus will be on REITS) ;-)

  2. Hi Richard, can I check with you what your experience with KE's Monthly Investment Plan has been so far? I've been with Philips SBP since 2008 and getting fed up with their 1% skim of dividends and lousy purchase price (the stated counter purchase price under SBP is almost always the day's highest price)

    1. Serendib : Sorry, I can't share my experience as I didn't use KE ultimately after I learnt that there will be charge when you are selling your holdings. I guess there are still some additional costs that we need to take into consideration.


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