Thursday, March 12, 2015

My Stock Investment Acumen : From 0 to 0.5

About 1 year ago when I first decided to get involve in the stock investment and blog about it, I must say that I have close to ZERO knowledge about stock investment, don't even mention about ETF or REITS, BONDS etc.. It could be due to my risk-averse nature (or play safe mentality) or maybe most of my friends/colleagues are not so investing-savvy, so we seldom talk/chat about stocks investment at all.
Looking back now, for the past 360 days or so, after attending a couple of investing related seminars/courses, reading through a couple of investment related books (both eBooks and physical books) as well as many personal finance blogs and online sites, I must congratulate myself that my stock investment acumen has increased slightly, in my own assessment, by 0.5 (i.e. from ZERO to ZERO POINT FIVE).
Why 0.5?
The reason being that personally I am not very sensitive to numbers and kind of having phobia towards those financial jargon we well as remembering those ratios/calculations (the PER, ROE, ROA. Dividend Yields and the mother of all key indicator, Intrinsic Value), hence it is a steep learning curve and I am just scraping the surface.
The other reason is due to one of my weaknesses: I am slow in learning and fast in forgetting (it could be due to my age ;-)). So, catching up with the market news/development and translate it into some useful knowledge for decision making is something that I need to improve on. 
So, I think 0.5 is just about right.
It's a life-long journey to me and I intend to keep learning, I guess with such low baseline, the only way is UP in polishing my stock investing acumen (hopefully) ;-)


  1. Replies
    1. Ken : Good! Then we are at the same level! lol

  2. Hi Richard

    I think you are way more than 0.5.

    You are able to calculate the intrinsic of CNAV much faster and better when you first started, that's a full score already :)

    1. B : For CNAV calculation, credit must be given to Big Fat Purse's easy to use and idiot proof spreadsheet, just punching in the figures ;-) hehehe

      I hope one day I can write some more detailed analysis/assessment like what you did.

    2. Bro8888 will say this: more investing, less analysis! Lol

    3. LP : I know what you meant but recently he is quite quiet in commenting on my post ;-)

  3. Hi Richard,

    What's the max score? If 0.5 out of 1, quite good leh ;) I think even if the score is 100, a jump from 0 to 1 is much greater than a jump from 94 to 95. But be careful, a little knowledge is more dangerous than no knowledge!

    1. LP : After I clicked the publish button, I remembered I've forgotten to indicate this salient point and I decided to leave it alone as I believed sure got friends to comment about this and here come your comment.

      I am talking about 100 full-mark here. Yes, agreed with you that little knowledge might be more dangerous than no knowledge but we just need to start somewhere and that's the reason why my protfolio is still moving as big as I hope it to be, yet ;-)

  4. Hi Richard,

    I'm way down below comparing to you people out there. I better buck up and put in more effort to read and learn.

    1. Hi David : I am sure you are somewhere there too (at the minimum). Let's learn from each other and keep going ;-)


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