Saturday, March 14, 2015

Weekend Sharing - Understand Economics In The Fun Way

Economics is never my cup of tea, or coffee or milo. But ever since I started my stock investing journey not long ago, the more I read about the market and economic news, the more I get interested into the topic. 

Recently, I chanced upon an hilarious but true to its core article at Tickld trying to explain the economics from a stand point of a bar owner, Mary, she is from Dublin. Oh, by the way. Tickld is a platform to share articles/images meant for laughter and kill the boredom, so don't take the story too seriously ;-)

Having said that, I find the story is very fun to read and make me understand the economics better, in a nutshell. I am sure economics is much complex than this but it is a good start to get a hang of it. 

Enjoy the sharing below (source : Tickld) : 

If you are very strong in economics, you might not be agreeable with this simplistic view of the writer, just read it for fun then... ;-)



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  1. Hi Richard,

    Not sure why you call this story economics? It's actually a parody of the subprime lending, the securitisation of the debts into bonds and the eventually bail out of the too-large-to-fail institutions by the govt.

    They forgot one more thing. The pukebonds are also bought by investors from other countries, often using money from banks of the respective countries. Some smart ass also created leveraged bonds, effectively grouping clusters of such bonds and betting on their direction - so it's betting on the direction of the direction of the original bonds. When some investment banks knew that the bonds are not going to be worth that much in the near future, they started asking some insurance firms to insure them. Then they started shorting these bonds and dumping them in a frenzy to other investors.

    So it's not just pple who never visited Mary's bar at all, it also included a WHOLE lot of other people who had never visited the country where Mary's bar is located too!

    1. LP : So now you know how little I know about economics liao right? To me, it is part of the economics stuff but of course not all of it ;-)

      Thanks for adding a sub-plot to the already interesting story though ;-)

    2. Disagree! Haha :) saying this is economics is like saying the movie Interstellar is about science ;) this is at best a summary of what can happen when greedy bankers screw the entire world.

      It's a good post though, cos I've never seen any one describe the subprime in a way that is so easily understandable by people.

    3. LP : hahaha, let's agree to disagree then as I do believe that there is a big part of science in Interstellar. Of course, I also believe in UFO, so go figure it out lol

  2. Hi Richard,

    I believe in UFO too :) If you like it, this is a very very good read about them.

    It explains a lot of things in life very neatly. Not sure true or fake though, as always.


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