Saturday, March 7, 2015

Weekend Thought - My 7 Pointers About Transformation

Time flies, we are already in the first weekend of March, it means that we are coming to an end to the first quarter of 2015 very soon. I always think that it is a blessing when we feel the time zoom past us quickly i.e. it is BETTER than dreading for the time to pass. I know it is all in the mindset as we all have the same 24 hours day.

Yesterday, attended my company's corporate event and one of the key message is about TRANSFORMATION. No, not the Transformers (movie) type of transformation, but more about transforming into a better company, better employer and better staff (person). 

My personal view about transformation is that it takes time, it needs plenty of action and the most important action is the very first step. Also, before we even talk about transformation, we need to know what we want to be transformed into, without knowing the destination, there is no way that we know whether we are there or not.

Following are some of my personal pointers about transformation :

1. Have an end in mind (visualize your destination)

2. Take the FIRST action immediately (like... NOW, procrastination kills momentum)

3. Set multiple mini-milestones before reaching the final one

4. The journey might be long and entail multiple actions along the way, continue to take actions, immediately (procrastination kills momentum, remember?). 

5. Celebrate when reaching the milestones (this will serve as a fuel [motivation] for us to move on to the next milestones)

6. Take stock of your progress regularly and make changes (to the plan/action), if deemed fit. 

7. Last but not least : NEVER give up...
Oh, one more thing, transformation need not be done in a big bang way i.e. complete overhaul of ourselves in one setting, it might entail multiple, gradual changes along the way i.e. from mindset (pessimistic to less pessimistic) to health (from eating more meats to eating more vegetables) to wealth (from non-investor to retail investor) etc.

Personally, starting my retail stock investment journey (albeit a bit late) is a transformation in many ways, from broadening my personal finance knowledge to social circle. Of course, I am still in the transforming phase.... and I hope it will be a never-ending journey.

What about you? What is your most recent transformation?

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    1. CW8888 : Wah, I think this is the most cryptic comment from you so far... got any clue to enlighted me or not? lol

  2. Transformation is such a cliche.

    1. Lizardo : I know what you means, getting tired even by seeing it already right? lol


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