Friday, April 24, 2015

Stockflock - Transformative Changes One Year On....

One year ago, I met with the humble young chap (let's call him W) over lunch and he shared with me about his idea on developing a platform/tool called Stockflock to serve the retail investors by providing them some customized stock information/charts/statistic. 

One year on, the tool is in soft launch stage now and I can see a huge transformation from the earlier version. In fact, it is a complete revamp with some nice and easy to grab charts. At the moment, the key feature is allowing user generate a couple of critical charts (like Price Earning Ratio, Price Book Ratio, Earning Growth etc...) by simply inputting the stock of interest. The best part is, it will also generate the similar charts of its closest competitor for easier comparison. 

Of course, if this is the only feature, then it might not be that attractive as there are many other platform already doing this stuff. What is more interesting is about the upcoming features to be launched gradually, they are :

1. Customised and save-able stock screener i.e. you can save your screener criteria and whenever there is a change to the result of the screening, you will get notified or the screening result will refreshed itself.

2. Email notification/alert of the new company announcement/action of your stocks of choice. Currently, I guess most of us go to the SGX site to check the new company announcement/action, one at a time. 

Following are some screen shots of the Stockflock site :

Input "UMS" in the search bar and above is the first screen being displayed 
The platform default the closest competitor (Elec & Eltek in this case) but you can add your own competitor, if you deemed fit
Displaying of some key ratios/charts for comparison (1)

Displaying of some key ratios/charts for comparison (2)

Displaying of some key ratios/charts for comparison (3)

You can view more ratios/chart by clicking on "More Details" on the first screen shot
As it is, the platform is still in its infancy stage, I believed it will evolve into a bigger thing in the near future. Meanwhile, some changes that I hope to see are:

1. Provide more guide/help on how to read the charts (for example, when you mouse over the chart, it will show you some information of PE ratio and why it is important etc..). This will help the newbie investors in understanding the charts/ratios better

2. To provide some industry benchmark/average for the relevant charts so that user can make the necessary comparison. For example, in the Price Earning (PE) Ratio, to draw a line across the chart to denote the industry average/standard. 

I especially like its elegant and minimalist user interface, do feel free to check out the stockflock platform for yourself. If you have any feedback, feel free to comment in the comment section and I will help to convey the message to W

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