Wednesday, April 22, 2015

UMS and EV Energy Partners - Two New Addition To My Portfolio

It has been a while since my buy/sell transaction. On 22/04/2015, I made two purchases within the same day. One is UMS (588.SI) which I am monitoring closely for quite some time and the other is an oil and gas stock from NASDAQ, EV Energy Partner LP (EVEP)

I invested in these two counters more for dividend income purpose. For UMS, I've written a number of posts prior to this on how it is in my watch list (click here and here for my earlier posts). My entry price is 2 cents higher than my original target (I bought it at 55 cents instead of 53 cents) but learning from the experience of Warren Buffet (via his sharing of his 2014 Annual Report to his share holders), there is no points get too fixated your "ideal" price if you feel right about the stock. 

As for EV Energy Partner LP, it is a surprise even to myself. While doing my research on the potential dividend stocks in US, this counter came out strongly and I decided to take the plunge (after my little success story on Facebook counter (my maiden US stock). Anyway, following are my reason for the investment :

1. Consistent and growing dividend paying counter (5 years average dividend yield of 8.6%, even with the With-holding tax of 30%, it is still about 6% dividend yield)
2. Personally think that oil price is on its road of recovery and hence the 
3. The stock is traded at a discount (Price/Book ratio of 0.75)
4. Revenue are growing for the past 3 years. 
5. Wanted to have my maiden experience in receiving the dividend cheque from the US stocks.

Oh, by the way, both counters will be paying their quarterly dividend in the month of May 2015. 

For my latest overall minion size portfolio, check it out here

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  1. Replies
    1. B : Thanks for the encouragement... Looks like you are actively re-shuffling your portfolio recently... any particular counter(s) that you are monitoring now? ;-)

  2. I think the brokerage house charge some fees on US dividends as well. Might further impact the yield?

    1. Lazy Cat : Thanks for the information, I am aware of that...It definitely will adversely affect the yield but personally think that it is still worth a try. ;-)

  3. Oo UMS ;) nice pick and yes , need to hantam a bit at the moment , hehehe , uncle rich has gone a bit bad eh (in the good sense) , your gut feel won't harm you if backed by analysis , under the usual circumstances .


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