Saturday, April 11, 2015

Uncle Stock Screener - Free Screener With Substance

Recently, I've chanced upon a free stock screener with a not so glam name - Uncle Stock Screener. Name aside, I find that this free screener came with full load of features/stocks information which I thought you folks might be interested to have a peep too. 

There are many free stock screeners out there but following are some of the salient features/tools that Uncle Stock Screen stands out from the packs:

1. It covers most of the major equity markets from Europe, North America, South America, Australia, New Zealand and selected countries from Asia (surprisingly Malaysia is not in the list). 

2. The parameters available for screening are comprehensive, following is the screen shot of the available high level categories of parameters :

3.  There are a number of predefined Top Lists (e.g. Levermann Top List, Piotroski Top List, Uncle's Stand Out Top List and Graham Top List etc.) that will facilitate users to extract those potential counters match the criteria/parameters set out by these gurus. 

4. For each counter of your interest, you can access the relevant comprehensive stock information/chart just by a clicking of the button, following is just one sample page of the stock information screen:

5. It comes with its very own Uncle Stock Scores which is used as an yardstick for recommendation. for example, in the above screen, there is a "Buy - Wait" recommendation for Cleantech Solutions International Inc

6. It even came with 8 tips on stock investing (this should be useful for the newbies). You can access the tips directly from this link

I am still in the midst of exploring other features of Uncle Stock Screener, meanwhile, if you are looking for investing ideas, maybe can give Uncle Stock Screener a try. 


P/S : This is NOT a sponsored post! 
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  1. Replies
    1. Hi Peter, thanks for such a quick response. You had a great site there...

    2. you're welcome, and thanks for the nice article

    3. Peter : thanks... Btw, are you looking into generating mobile app flor your tool in the future?

    4. no, I don't think so, this is too much work for me. It's already hard to maintain/support the web version.

    5. Oic, just curious! Btw, where do you come from? I am from Singapore.

    6. Belgium, right below your feet ;-)

    7. oic, I've been to Brussels Belgium many years back and of course visited the famous manneken pis ;-)


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