Sunday, April 19, 2015

Watching Movie Trailers Is Like Reading Stock Recommendation Reports (latest Batman vs Superman trailer inside)

Being a movie buff, besides watching the actual movies, I like to watch the movie trailers too. In fact, I do subscribe to quite a number movies/trailers Youtube channels so as to avoid missing out on the latest trailers/teasers from the upcoming Hollywood movies. 

To me, watching movie trailers is like reading the recommendation reports from the brokers/financial institutions. 

Why do I said so? Here are a few of my reasons :

1. No matter how crazy I am towards movies, I would not be able to watch every movie being released, hence, watching the trailers will be my first/additional "informed" gauge of whether it is worth my money to watch it in the cinemas. Just like in investing, it is impossible to invest in every stocks that come into our radar, hence, the recommendation report is one of the "informed" gauge that I usually used before deciding to dig into them further. 

Do take note that I used "informed", it doesn't mean that it (the movie or stock) will surely come out exactly as per what I expected (basing on the trailer/report) but at least there is potential.

2. Trailers and recommendation reports are equally subjective i.e. for the same trailer/report, some people see the plus points and others see the negative points. Just take for example, I like the latest trailer of Batman vs Superman - Dawn Of Justice (which is just released a couple of hours ago) but one of my other movie buff friend don't like it at all (we both are superhero movies fans, by the way). Check out the trailer below and let me know what do you think?

3. Both movie trailer and recommendation report has the potential to create herd effect among the movie goers (and investors). For example, a poorly executed trailer/report might shed some negative light on the movie/stock, hence, even though ultimately it is proven that the movie/stock is a strong one (on hindsight), but it doesn't reflected well in the box office/stock price. Again, I am not saying that it is guarantee but there is potential for such effect.

Do you like to watch trailers too? 

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  1. Same as reading blog posts. You only see those interesting parts.

    1. Cw8888 : hahaha.. Very true.. That's why I read blog posts also for its entertaining value... Lol


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