Saturday, May 16, 2015

MediShield Life - There Is An Important Action You Need To Take Now!

Medishield Life
I believed most of you folks have already known that by year end, our National Medical Insurance, MediShield will be revamped as MediShield Life and it will be compulsory for all Singaporean and Permanent Residents. If you are still clueless about what is this all about, you may want to check out my earlier posts here and here for some basic information about the MediShield Life scheme. 

By now, most of you might have received an big envelope from Ministry Of Health (MOH) stating some action that you need to do by 19/06/2015. Basically, it requires you to confirm your household information so that MOH can work out appropriate MediShield Life premium subsidies (ranging from 15% to 50%) for eligible citizens. You may ask why can't MOH just make use of the Government database that they already have for this purpose? The answer is YES, they are doing that but just need us to counter confirm that their record is as current/accurate as possible.

You can do this via the following methods (Only one member from your household need to do this):

1. Online - through their Medishield Life site (you need to log-in through the Reference Number [provided in the letter sent to you] or your SingPass)
2. Counter Service - All SingPost branches, selected Community Centres and IRAS Office at Revenue House)
3. Hotline - 1800-222-3399

Oh, if you are eager to know what would be your estimated Medishield Life subsidies and premiums, you can use their calculator here (no sign-in is required).

On the related note, to me, medical insurance is a necessity, it is even more so with the ever increasing medical inflation costs. Even though Medishield Life is a compulsory scheme but it only takes care of the basic level of coverage (mainly up to Class B2/C Ward in Government Hospitals). Besides, there is still co-insurance and deductible component that you need to fork out your own money (by cash or Medisave). That's where the Integrated Shield Plans (and their corresponding Riders) from the current 5 insurers* comes into picture to complement the coverage. I've covered some of the key reasons in the earlier post,click here to view.  


*5 insurers that currently providing the Integrated Shield Plans are :
AIA (HealthShield)
Aviva (MyShield)
Great Eastern (SupremeHealth)
NTUC Income (INcomeShield)
Prudential (PruShield)

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