Thursday, May 21, 2015

My First Minion Size Dividend From An US Stock (EVEP)

Last month, I've written a post about two of my new addition to my portfolio and one of them is an US stock (EV Energy Partners, EVEP). As indicated in my earlier post, the main objective of these two counters is for Dividend Income purpose. So, dividend 

As most of the dividend paying counters from US are dishing out quarterly dividend (like Singapore REITS) instead of annually, I am expecting to receive the very first physical US dividend cheque this month (as the dividend payment date is on 15th May 2015). However, when I checked my account today (the one linked to my brokerage account), I was pleasantly surprised that the said dividend already auto-credited into my bank account. 

Even though it is just a small amount of $98.99 (after taken into consideration of Withholding tax of 30%) , it is still something to cheers about as first time is always the sweetest! ;-)


P/S : For my recount of first dividend from Singapore stocks, check it out here!

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  1. Hi Richard,

    So what's the yield like after all the taxes and custodian fees?

    Just be careful of forex OK?

    1. LP : the yield is about 1.75% per quarter (after taxes but before custodian fees). Thanks for sharing other tips/info in separate text exchange

  2. Hi Richard, there are plenty higher yielding counters for such defensive purposes in USA (do your due diligence) including REITs, Master LLP, etc e.g BKCC, ARR, APTS, AWF

    1. Jason : I am sure there are. Thanks for the list


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