Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Quick Random Updates

Maybe it is because of the damn flu bug (that plagued me since last weekend) or simply plain laziness, don't feel like writing anything for the past few days, hence you will notice the drop of my blog posts recently.

Anyway, in order to break this vicious cycle, the best approach is to write anything that comes to mind. So, thought of giving some quick random updates for the past few days or so (as I am writing the post through my iPad mini, I will keep this post short) :

1. One of my recent addition : UMS Group went XD (Ex-Dividend) yesterday and hence the counter is expectedly dropped correspondingly. Those who are vested can expect the dividend cheques to reach your mail box by end of this month.

2. Happy to see the local financial card game, Wongamania went mainstream a few days ago by featuring in Channel 5's Money Mind. You can watch the program at Toggle here.

3. A couple of major staff movements in the office since last week, If you are in the corporate world long enough, you will know that this is a common scene after the bonus payment. Anyway, life goes the saying goes : horses continue to run, people continue to dance.

4. Received a surprise payment (a couple hundreds of USD) in my Paypal account yesterday, upon verifying, apparently it was from an affiliate tools that I was promoting (in another blog) a couple of months ago and left it there to auto-run. Even though this might be one off thingy but such (almost) passive income stream never fail to motivate me wanted to learn more about internet marketing.

Before I sign off, sharing herewith one of the meaningful dialogue from Nick Fury (in the movie Avengers - Age Of Ultron) :

"Hope for the best and make do with what we've got!"


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