Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Wee Hur Holdings - My Next Potential Inclusion?

To be frank, I get to know Wee Hur Holdings (E3B.SI) from one of my favourite Stock Screener, Uncle Stock. In fact, Wee Hur Holdings ranked first in their Piotroski Top List (with a scoring of 9.74). Of course, this is only the trigger for me to dig in further into the counter. 

After browsing through their 2014 Annual Report, I must say that Wee Hur is fundamentally strong and are paying size-able dividend consistently. Oh, by the way. they have a record year in 2014, in terms of their revenue and net profit. 

Also, they have a sterling performance in their Q1 2015 result as well as an exciting expansion in new market, Australia. It seems all so positive to me. 

Wee Hur Financial Highlights
Wee Hur's Financial Highlights
Wee Hur's Q1 2015 Result Highlights
With Price/Book Value of 1.02 (Wee Hur last traded at $0.34) and average dividend yield of 5.8%, it is quite a tempting counter, bearing in mind that it has a strong potential growth, with its expansion plan (Australia). Having said that, I will keep it in my watch list first and not rush into it for the following 2 reasons :
a. It is still in its downwards trend
b. It's "50-Day Moving Average" is above "20-Days Moving Average" (see below) [I learnt that it is a sign of down trend]

Are you vested in Wee Hur? What is your view/comment on this counter?



  1. Hi Richard,

    Looks like a great find! I agree there isn't a reason to rush into this yet.

    Thanks for sharing about the stock screener, I really like it!

    1. GMGH : ya, I find that the free screener is cool too! ;-)

  2. Wow, Richard, charts leh ;)

    0.305 to 0.315 is the support region, might want to look into it :) But it's a construction firm, and I don't like it hahaa

    1. LP : ya lor... While waiting for your post on the TA, I learn from somewhere else first lor..

      Thanks for the indicators.

      As they are diversified into residential, industrial and dorm segment, so still not so bad... ;-)


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