Saturday, May 23, 2015

Weekend Sharing - What Come BEFORE Money?

There are many things should come BEFORE money, actually! Just to quote a few, our health, our mental state (mindset), our freedom etc etc... Today, one particular element/resource that I want to dig in further is something that is...

1. Once gone, you can never get it back (no, not health, with the medical advancement, we might be able to maintain/get back "some months/years" of health)

2. Everyone share the equal amount of this precious resource (whether you are president of America, the monk in some kind of mountain or the average Joe on the street, ALL are equal).

3. You can't store/deposit/save this resources for future use or "transfer" it on another person, not even your loved ones. 

4. We all have limited amount of this precious resources. Some have more and some has lesser but all will end at some point in time. 

I guess by now you folks managed to guess what I am talking about is.... TIME. Yes, time is something so intangible but yet so so important in life, some squandered it away and by the time they knew it, it is too late. Some make full use of it and change the world, for the better. I can't exactly tell you how you should use/invest your time as it is very subjective. 

Personally, the time that we used/invested to build/improve on something, either on ourselves or someone else (e.g. a good relationship, fitness, health, knowledge, skills etc..), the TIME is deemed WELL spend!  

So, while we are all chasing for the holy grail (financial freedom), not to forget other stuff which are equally, if not more, important in our life! 

Oh, by the way, there is a saying which I thought quite fit for this post : TIME is MONEY! ;-)

Have a great weekend all! 

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