Wednesday, June 17, 2015

2G Network Going To Retires For Good, Would Broker-Assist Trading Come Next?

Come April 2017, all the local telcos will retire the 2G networks for good. In short, those handsets with only 2G networks capacity will not be supported and the consumers need to switch to the newer 3G or 4G handsets. 

In fact, with the speed-craze global population (when comes to tech gadgets), it is a matter of time this would happen and I thought it is already long overdue. To be frank, I think there are hardly anyone still carrying the 2G handsets nowadays, so, the cost (in maintaining the support for this service) is definitely outweigh the benefits. 

Like in the stock investing/trading world, just not long ago, most of the stock trading are done through a stock broker/remisier physically at the trading floor. Fast forward to the present, most of the stock trading are done electronically either through PC, laptops or mobile devices. Again, speed and convenient are the key reasons. 

I dare to predict that it is a matter of time that trading through stock brokers/remisiers will be decomissioned for good too. Again, even if it happens next time, it would not have major impact to most of the investors as majority of us are already trading online anyway. In fact, the broking firms are also encouraging online trading by charging cheaper commission, as compared to the broker-assisted trading.      

My sense is that it might happens in the next 8 to 10 years. What do you think? 



  1. Hi Richard,

    Unfortunately our brokers are not keeping pace with the Internet. I have yet to come across a local broker with an awesome platform - they just give you the bare minimum to be able to buy and sell online.

    1. Depending on their brokers, some will still turn to their trusted brokers for some advices or seek second opinions before making their final decision to transaction. Only skilful brokers may survive.

    2. Derek: Very true... but I think some of the trading platform (like the one I am currently using, POEMs) is improving, they do provide some financial fundamental analysis stats/ratios within the platform.
      CW8888 : I believed many of them will be re-deployed to involve in other roles like provide training on how to use their platform


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