Saturday, June 13, 2015

SGX - Yet Another Blunder!

While our mind are still fresh about the technical glitch that impacted two lengthy halts in trading some six months ago, here come the second glitch. This time round, it is affecting its subsidiary, CDP. Apparently, some 4,600 or so statements with errors were sent out to investors last month (have you checked yours and notice something amiss?)

According to SGX's Chief Of Operation And Technology, Mr Tim Utama, remedial action has been taken and the affected accounts holder should expect their corrected statements by next Tuesday. After the investigation, it is deemed as human error (poor staff, I am sure he/she/they must be under lots of pressure). 

Being in the IT field for quite awhile, errors (be it technical or human) are unavoidable, the key is the correction measure, future prevention measure and how well they manage the customers' reaction (kind of PR related issue). Personally, I still have confidence with our local bourse. 

Now, all eyes will be on the newly appointed CEO of SGX, Mr Loh Boon Chye on how he handle such service issue. 


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