Thursday, June 25, 2015

Terminator Genisys - Who Is Your Guardian In Your Investment Journey?

"I will be BACK!" 

True enough, Arnold Schwarzenegger is back to reprise his most memorable role (machine from the future) in the upcoming Terminator Genisys.  

Terminator Genisys is opening is Singapore this week, one week earlier than US. Personally, I have high hope on this 5th installment of the successful franchise and plan to watch it this weekend (if I managed to get the good seats ;-)). 

In this installment, Arnold is playing the role of a Guardian who is/was there to protect the key female character, Sarah Connor (by Emilia Clarke). With its "back to the future" theme, it is interesting to see how the young and old Arnold get intertwined and the twist of the story (I heard there is a big twist but don't quote me if it wasn't that big a twist). 

It is cool to have one or two guardian(s) around us to protect and lead us in our journey. All the more better if it's Arnold Schwarzenegger materials. Since this is an investment blog, let's focus on the investment journey. Who is/are your guardian in your investment journey? 

For me, there is no specific person that I can relate to as guardian so far (as most of my friends or colleagues are not into investing but thing might change as I got to know more peer retail investors nowadays). Mainly, I am relying on the tips/tools/guides from the investment books that I've read. So, in a loose sense, my investment guardians are the authors of many investment books out there ;-)



  1. Hi Richard,

    Firstly, the movie is quite good. It's one of the terminator movies that I found very watchable, comparable to the first two which are very good. The rest are so so, so not recommended but this is good.

    Like you, my guardians are the authors of the books I read. No real mentor to guide me, so have to depend on the wisdom of the books written :)

    1. LP : Wah! You watched earlier than me man... I will be watching tomorrow ;-) Ya, saw quite good review on this one and hopefully it does surpass my expectation

  2. When you have a child, watching a movie at theatre will be when they are 6-7 years old, at least. haha.

    I actually quite enjoy watching at home nowadays.

    My guardians will be you guys? :)

    1. Frugal Daddy : I can't agree more with you about the movie vs child stuff, hmmmm... maybe that's the reason why I choose to be childless! lol

      There are more and more pioneer retail investors are in the online community, let's learn from them together ;-)


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