Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Hair For Hope - My Third Take

Hair For Hope 2015
My company's mission is build on two equal pillars, one is "Do Good" and the other is "Do Well". Do Good means provide assistance to the society in general (especially those less privileged), while Do Well is on the business sustainability. Both are equally important from company perspective, if I apply the same pillars in life and need to choose one over the other, my choice is definitely DO GOOD!

Talking about doing good, in 3 weeks' time, I will be participating in the yearly Hair For Hope event at Vivocity, for the third time. The reason why I continue this meaningful cause for three straight years for two reasons :

1. The beneficiary of this annual fundraising event is Children's Cancer Foundation. To me, kids are our future and every kids deserved a second chance to grow up, thus, hopefully I can do my part to facilitate their second chance. 

2. The reason why we shave the head is to put ourselves in the shoe of the kiddos when they are going through the chemo and experiencing hair-loss situation. The difference is : ours is temporary and theirs is permanent. This is nothing new to me anymore but it is still a meaningful experience to remind ourselves to face life heads on, with or without hair.  

With this, I would like to seek support from the readers of my blog to support me (or rather the kiddos) by donating any amount to Hair For Hope directly or through my profile here.

On behalf of the kiddos, THANK YOU!


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