Wednesday, July 8, 2015

My Property Tracker - Useful Tool To Track Your Home Value/Rental

Most of us own a property or two, if not, at least our parent do. Properties, being one of the largest investment for most of us, it would be interesting to see how the value/rental of our property trending over the years. 

Today, I am lucky to chance upon a property portal (via My Paper) providing such service (and many more cool features) for free. What I am talking about is the My Property Tracker. Besides its sleek user interface, following are some of the key features which are very informative and useful, most importantly, they are presented in graphical format which is pleasing for the eyes :

1. Provide a snapshot of the Sale (they called it Sale X-Value) and Rental (they called it Rent X-Value) of your unit as well as it's 30 days upwards/downwards trend:
My Property Tracker
Snapshot of the Sale and Rental Value of your unit
My Property Tracker
The 30-days changes, Highest and Lowest Sale Value
2. Presenting the historical value and rental of your unit in a chart form (similar to the stock price chart that most of us are very familiar with):
My Property Tracker
The Historical Sale and Rental Charts that I like the most

3. Estimated Rental Yield:
Rental Yield - Coupled with the formula and explanation
4. Tracking of the transactions nearby your unit (can't share much on this yet as I've yet to unlock this feature).

I find this tool is very useful and since it is free, no harm knowing more about the property value in the current market as I am sure such information will come in handy when we are making a sale/rent decision in the future. 

If you are interested to find out more about your property too, click here to sign-up the service for FREE.


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  1. I was also lucky enough to find this super quality post as I was a little bit more interested in learning about property management brooklyn and also eager to learn how to make a better experience of building life whether it is own or rental. Property is really the largest investment in our home life. The property tracker tool you experienced and shared was totally awesome and attention grabbing. I like the way you focused the issue so classy and decent way.


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