Monday, August 3, 2015

Profit Mastery Seminar - 50% Discount Code Inside

The team that brought us the inaugural Financial Bloggers Seminar in the early part of this year is back for the second serving entitled Profit Mastery Seminar. This sequel event look set to be grander than the first one. I am a supporter of such seminar/event that provide a platform to spice up the financial literacy of the general public at a low low cost. And you know what? It will go even lower with the 50% discount code below ;-) 

The objective of this seminar is to share the secrets (from 5 reputable experts in their respective fields) of maximizing the profits from the stock market. Following are the details of the seminar :

Seminar    : Profit Mastery Seminar
Date          : 27th Sep 2015 (Sunday)
Time         : 1 PM
Venue       : NTUC Auditorium @ One Marina Boulevard
Organizer  : Wealth Directions

Topics And Speakers :
1. A Winning Investor's Mindset (by Kenneth Tan)
2. Everyone Can Retire Early (by Brendan Yong)
3. Predicting Price Top Is As Easy As ABC (by Hendra)
4. Global Stock Market Outlook using the Investment Clock (by Dr Tee)
5. Where are the giants putting their money? - Discussion Panel (All speakers)

Registration Fee : SGD 20. For the readers of my blog, you can enjoy 50% discount by inputting the discount code of EARLY (valid from 4th August 2015, Thu onward only). It is supposed to be an early bird discount and it expires on 1st September 2015 (Tue), so you may want to register early to prevent disappointment. 

For more details of the seminar or for registration, click here or the image below:

I will be there and hope to see you guys/gals there too.


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