Monday, August 31, 2015

Simply Wall St - Simply Amazing

As promised in my earlier post, Weekend Sharing, I am going to share about one cool stock tool that I've discovered recently, Simply Wall St. It's slogan/motto says it all :
We help investors understand the stock market by turning complicated data into simple visuals.
Simply Wall St is a tool (or should I call it App) that turns pages and pages of information/stats from Financial Reports into stunning visuals. It enables to investors (even the newbie) to digest and apprehend the critical information more easily and hence make a better investment decision.

Currently, the app is still in beta and hence you can use it without any restriction. Once it is officially launched, I believed it will be in freemium model (free plan with options to upgrade for advanced features). Anyway, after playing with it for a couple of days, I really like the visuals and never thought of such complicated information can be represented in such a visually stunning manner.   

Key Features:
1. It covers stocks from US, UK and Australia.

2. Each stock will be represented in a Snowflake graph which was compared based on 30 checks in 5 different areas i.e. Income, Value, Future, Past and Health
The Snowflake for Apple
3. It has 16 filters allow any newbie investor to get started, example : Potential Undervalued Stocks, High Growth Potential Stocks, Bank Account Beaters etc..

4. It has a Beginner Mode you can turn on to give an easy to understand explanation notes/cartoon on each of the element.

Current Share Price vs Future Cash Flow Value - Very Easy to Digest
The cool PE and PEG barometers
5. Navigation is quite self-explanatory, once you've selected  your stock of interest, it will display the key visuals in the following fashion/order :
a. The Snowflake
b. Competitors
c. Value
d. Future Performance
e. Past Performance
f. Health
g. Income
h. Management

6. You can register and log-in via your Facebook credentials to create your own portfolio for subsequent monitoring. 

Give it a try and let me know what do you think? On the side note, I hope the tool will expand to incorporate stocks from other Exchanges, including our very own local bourse, in the near future. 


P/S : This is not a sponsored post!

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