Tuesday, August 18, 2015

UPDATE ON Profit Mastery Seminar : New Guest Speaker!

As the saying goes, there are many roads lead to Rome (Financial Freedom in this case), hence, there is no harm in getting to know more ways/roads. Being involved in the financial bloggers community for more than a year now, one salient point that I've learnt (mainly from the peer bloggers) is try not to mimic others in our investment approach. We are all unique individual and different people view the same company/stocks differently (because of our unique risk appetite, knowledge and experience), there is no right or wrong answer to our BUY or SELL call (when we are committing the transaction). 

Hence, the key is to boost our financial literacy and adopt the approach that we are most comfortable with. Talking about financial literacy, I've received an email notice from Mr Roland (Wealth Directions) about the inclusion of a powerful new speaker, Dr Tan Kee Wee in the upcoming of Profit Mastery Seminar. Dr Tan is quite well sought after by financial institution to give talks on current economic and how it will affect our investments (One of it is 938LIVE. Example here). 

I am really excited and looking forward to explore more roads from the 5 + 1 speakers in the Profit Master Seminars, following are the revised details of the seminar :

Seminar    : Profit Mastery Seminar
Date          : 27th Sep 2015 (Sunday)
Time         : 1 PM
Venue       : NTUC Auditorium @ One Marina Boulevard
Organizer  : Wealth Directions

Topics And Speakers :
1. A Winning Investor's Mindset (by Kenneth Tan)
2. Everyone Can Retire Early (by Brendan Yong)
3. Predicting Price Top Is As Easy As ABC (by Hendra)
4. Global Stock Market Outlook using the Investment Clock (by Dr Tee)
5. Alternative Investment Opportunity - Direct Market Access CFDs (by Leries Goh)
6. The Elusive Global Meltdown (by Dr Tan Kee Wee)
7. Where are the giants putting their money? - Discussion Panel (All speakers)

Registration Fee : SGD 20. For the readers of my blog, you can enjoy 50% discount by inputting the discount code of EARLY. It is supposed to be an early bird discount and it expires on 1st September 2015 (Tue), so you may want to register early to prevent disappointment.

Looking forward to see you around at the seminar.



  1. Hi Richard, thanks for your great write up! With the many economic uncertainties around the world, l really hope this event can help shine some light on where retail investors can park their money in the next few years. Looking forward to seeing you there!

    1. Ronald,

      Thanks for dropping by and really looking forward to see you at the event.



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