Saturday, August 29, 2015

Weekend Sharing - Bersih 4.0 And More...

Time flies, it is yet another late Saturday night whereby many of you folks might have already in the midst of meeting the "周公“ at the moment (means : sleeping). Been busy with work recently and hence the post count for the past few months has been dropping.

Before I call it a day myself, thought just to share something that keep popping up in my Facebook's newsfeed.

During this weekend, thousands and thousands of yellow warriors are taking part in the Bersih 4.0 rally in our neighboring country, these brave individuals are doing their part and fight against something that is not right! No, I am not talking about the minions... 

Being an ex-Malaysian whom still greatly attached to the country with fond memory, I hope that their voice is finally heard and more international pressure can be established to at least help them to have a bersih (clean) next election. 

All the best to the YELLOW WARRIORS and remember : Safety First!

Also, recently I've chanced upon two sites/tools which I thought are quite cool. One is on the cool visual display of company reports/performance and the other is on how to easily create the visual effect media like Infographics. 

Give me sometime to explore them further and I will be sharing them in the upcoming posts.


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