Tuesday, September 15, 2015

PSI indicator is hotter than market stock indicator at the Moment

Last evening, NEA's site was down for a couple of hours and I believed they are struggling to fine tune their site in view of the influx of the traffics from the worrying residents... Last night's PSI shoot passed the 200 unhealthy level and luckily it went down slightly to the 130 level at the time of writing this post.

Just like stock market index, PSI is unpredictable but at least we can physically feel and experience the effect (the smell, the congested chest etc). Many a time, we are quite sure that the PSI reading is much lower than what we are actually experiencing. 

Unlike in the stock market, if we are not comfortable with the sentiment, we can always exit from it, we can't do it when comes to haze. Not unless you are prepared to sacrifice your annual leaves and temporarily escape to the countries not affected by it... In any case, this has became an annual misfortune (thanks and no thanks to our "friendly" neighbor) and what we can do to mitigate the risk (of getting sick) is by staying indoor as much as possible. 

Oh, do drink more water too.

May the haze be with you (Indonesia) and only!


P/S: Contrary to what many has predicted, the STI dropped 29.53 point and ended the day with 2,841.94.  

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