Monday, October 12, 2015

My Chilling Out Staycation

The term Staycation was coined only a couple of years ago but I think it must be one of the most popular term in 21st century.  Last weekend, I have a great weekend-get-away staycation with my mrs at one of the hotel.

The nua-ing (chilling out) at lounge...

The free flow champagne....(even though not a drinker)

The live-band singing....(even though half the time can't catch what the singer is singing)...

The resting at the pool side...(and jumping into the pool made it even more splendid!!!)

All these are priceless moment, especially with your loved one!

Occasionally, I think it is important to take a moment out of our routine life and truly living the moment. Of course, there are many ways to achieve the same thing. For me, staycation fits the bill perfectly. 

Many a time, we are too caught up with the money, work, career and future stuff, we forgotten that PRESENT is the only time we can live. Don't get me wrong, I am not asking everyone to splurge, what I am trying to say is that when the time to enjoy life (whatever it means to you), please do so as we cannot guarantee which one will come earlier, tomorrow or death. 



  1. I totally agree with you on this - the present is the only time when we're alive.

    There are many affordable options actually. One of my (and my Missus) fave is a spa staycation at Holiday Inn (Batam). If you're into massage and stuff, it is definitely a great weekend alternative!

    1. Hi Kevin, I love massaging.. It has been many years since I last visit Batam/Bintan, maybe I should pop by one of these days. Thanks for info..


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