Saturday, October 31, 2015

The REITS and IPOs Buzz This Week (First REITS, Lippo REITS, Saizen REITS, Jumbo Group)

Time wait for no one, we are at the last day of the month again and in a short 2 months' time, we are celebrating the most celebrated festival aka Christmas and then, there goes 2015. Throughout the 10 months, I am sure we have been through some hits and misses in our investment journey as well as life in general, that's part and parcel of life, we just need to keep going. 

Last week, if you are not oblivion to the local market, I am sure you have heard (or participated) in the buzz about the upcoming "crabby" IPO (Jumbo Group), the potential delist of a couple of well known REITS (First, Lippo Malls and Saizen REITS). Some of my financial bloggers friends have even took the opportunity and profit quick bucks out of these news. Talk about opportunist ;-) Being a small Lippo Malls Reit unit holder, it will be interesting to see how it pan out (this being my very first stock/Reit that involved in such news).   

So, the questions in many investors/potential investors' head are :

Is the Jumbo Group IPO "full of crap"? (pun intended)

If you are the unit holder of First, Lippo Malls or Saizen REITs, how should you react? 

I know a couple of my financial blogger/friends have written great stuff (with in-depth research for some) on these stuff, so, I thought by re-sharing their blogs here would benefits those readers who are interested too :

On Jumbo Group IPO:
4. Jumbo IPO - Should You Be Getting This? (By A Path To Forever Financial Freedom

On First, Lippo Malls and Saizen Reits :

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