Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Live Like There Is No Tomorrow ; Save Like Today Never End

Being a financial blog, the main themes of my blog will be around investment, savings, insurance, expense, loans etc... Of course, being a movie fan, I have added another unrelated theme to spice up my blog, yes, the movie theme. 

No, I am not going to talk about movie in this post but akan datang.... ;-) 

Being quite active in my Facebook sharing (those travelling, feasting, movie sessions photos), occasionally, I've been asked by friends as to why I seems like so free (no need to work?) and so enjoying life? Of course, the truth is : I am still having a full time job lar (never think of retiring anytime soon, I just living my life with the following motto :

Live Like There Is No Tomorrow AND (Trying) To Save Like Today Never End

I know, these motto seems contradicting but let me explain...

Usually, when we talk about "Live Like There Is No Tomorrow", many will link to lavish spending like fine dining, fast car, expensive watches etc... For me, I like simple stuff and a strong believer of "Simple Is Gold", hence, simple enjoyment like watching movies (in cinemas), soccer games with a couple of friends, good meal with friends and families are enough to put a smile on my face. Of course, I am not saying that all these activities/hobbies are free but at least I can associate the value (of my happiness) with them and I am prepared to spend them. 

As for the second element, "To Save Like Today Never End", I must admit that I am still far from ideal and hence I purposely added (trying) in front. Having said that, savings is still an important habit to maintain for all. 

To achieve both the motto, I do virtually set aside 2 different saving pots on monthly basis (one I termed it happiness fund and the other I termed it future fund, I believed you folks  know the difference and purpose of these 2 funds). 

All in all, I believed striking the balance is the keyword in life, this is especially true for those who are working (overly) hard to achieve financial freedom (whatever it means to you).


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