Saturday, November 14, 2015

Sad News Everywhere - A True Friday The 13th

Amidst the gloomy business results announcements (domestically and globally) and at the back of the bleeding of STI at 33.33 points (1.13%) and Dow Jones at 202.83 points drop (1.16%), here come the worst news ever on the Friday The 13th : Multiple terrorist attack in Paris, France and leaving more than 150 people dead (at the time of writing). 

All thoughts and prayers go to the families and friends of the victims and hope we can bring justice to those who are responsible for this unspeakable attacks, soonest possible.

For the latest news update, check out the CNN's Breaking News report here



  1. Let's hope the next one will never happen.

    1. Rolf Suey : ya man.. But I have a feeling that it is a matter of time, the next one will happen.. It is better to mentally prepared than just hope it won't happen again

  2. Sad news indeed.
    Sometimes, I think we live in a crazy world.... T T
    Where is the love and humanity?


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