Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Giving or Contributing Can Be As Fulfilling As Accumulating (Wealth)

Sometimes, when you stared something, you can never stop which is a good thing. What I am talking about is doing charity work. Ever since I started involved in the Hair For Hope charity program 3 years ago, I've been in the look out for the similar charity programs which I can do my part in contributing (on top of the monthly small donation directly contributed from my salary-deduction). 

Good thing is that I've a few friends with similar interest and got me involved in other programs like distributing the rice-pack to the needy and bringing seniors for outings. Today, I have the maiden experience in bringing wheel-chaired bounds senior to Trick Eye Museum for half-day excursion. It is an experience that I will never forget and I've learnt a few things myself along the way, like how to operate the wheel-chair properly and the Dos and Don't in communicating with elderly as a volunteer.  

Sarah SAC (the charity organization of the outing)
Inside the Trick Eye Museum
I know many of the financial blogger peers are working very hard to accumulate their wealth (via investing, generating multiple streams of income etc...) to achieve the holy grail of financial freedom, which is the good thing. However, if we are too rigid/strict on the aim, we might missed the true meaning of life, which is not only accumulating, but contributing/giving.   

Personally, I don't really buy it that by attaining the financial freedom status, we will automatically turn ourselves into a better person. Yes, with such freedom, we can do much more things that we might not be able to do now, but at what cost? Besides, there is no end to it, once we achieved it, we will "work" even harder to maintain it and it seems to be an endless target.  

Don't get me wrong, I am not discounting the importance of achieving the financial freedom, I am just saying that our life will not be drastically changed even we achieved the financial freedom (except maybe you can admire the additional 0s in your bank accounts and feeling more "secured" financially), so don't neglect the moment that we are truly living which happens to be NOW! 

Do share your most precious "wealth" (which to me is TIME)  often with your loved ones, family, friends and the less fortunate ones, before you are running out of time yourself :-)    



  1. Hi Richard

    I really like how you spent your leave with purpose by doing something meaningful :)

    1. Hi B,

      Thanks for the comment. I guess it's my way of striking some balances in life ;-)

  2. Hi Richard,

    What you did is really awesome. I took the easy way out by giving money instead of time. Guess I have to keep reminding myself to spend more time spent with my loved ones.

    1. Hi Kevin,

      Thanks for dropping by and comment. We all are doing our part to make it a better place! Let's keep it going..



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